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About terms of insurance and registration

What insurance company the subjects of leasing are insured with?
Insurance company Krayina OJSC.

Who is the insured party?
Bogdan Leasing LLC.

What period is covered by insurance?
The whole period of lease.

Can insurance premium be paid in installments?
Yes. We offer interest-free monthly installment payments.

Is there a need for client to register automobile fleet?

Who performs registration of the automobile?
Lessor registers it as part of its own automobile fleet in Kyiv.

Whose name registration documents are executed in?
In the name of Lessor – Bogdan Leasing LLC.

Is it possible to register automobile in the client's name?
Yes, it is. Client may register the automobile in his own name for the temporary technical datasheet upon the place of registration of his own automobile fleet.

What documents allow to drive the automobile?
Registration documents for the automobile + lease agreement. There is no need to execute power of attorney.


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