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About taxation

What type of leasing is being offered?
Financial; however, operative leasing may be used instead at the client's request.

At the balance of what enterprise the automobile is accounted for (in the event of financial leasing)?
At the client's balance.

Does Lessee accrue depreciation on the automobile (in the event of financial leasing)?
Yes, he does. Client accounts for the automobile as a fixed assets' object of his enterprise in accordance with provisions of Ukrainian law in force.

What the client may include into the company's gross expenses?
Lessor's fee (commission) + depreciation.

When Client will receive tax invoice?
At the time of acceptance-transfer of automobile for 20% of its full value regardless of the amount of down payment.

Who pays transport duty and who will bear responsibility before tax authorities for its payment?
Lessor – Bogdan Leasing LLC.






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