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General questions

General questions:

What is financial leasing?
Complex quality service of financing the purchase of fixed assets which in terms of the essence and content is much simpler than the loan and at the same time more effective.

How can I receive property into lease?
You have to fill out the Application to receive property into leasing and submit the required package of documents + sign lease agreement + make down payment + receive property into lease.

How much does the lease cost?
Value of the leasing project (appreciation of property) is 7.5-10% per annum from the value of property.

What is the value of the leasing project?
It's the actual amount of money by which the value of property is increasing each year, covering all mandatory payments related to the financing and purchase of property. For example: automobile costs UAH 100,000, value of project is 7.5%, value of automobile by the end of first year of lease conditionally is UAH 107,500, by the end of second year – UAH 115,000, and so on. For more detailed explanation, you can make approximate calculations using Lease Payment Calculator.

Which indices from the lease payment schedule enable client have an idea about the lease costs?  

  • Average monthly payment;
  • Down payment amount in UAH, which includes all initial costs of opening the project;
  • Annual project cost.

What lease down payment includes?

  • Compensation of the value of subject of leasing (if this provision is stipulated in the Agreement);
  • Partial compensation of insurance costs;
  • Partial compensation of registration costs;
  • Costs related to execution of project documentation.

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