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About clients and subjects of leasing

Can individual – subject of entrepreneurial activity be a lessee?

What form of ownership can the enterprise have?
Private, communal, or state.

Does place of Client's registration matter?
No, it doesn't. Bogdan Leasing LLC client can be any enterprise or entrepreneur – resident of Ukraine.

What can be the subject of leasing?
Any new automobile, specialized vehicle, or equipment imported or manufactured domestically.

Can used automobile, specialized vehicle, or equipment be the subject of leasing?
Yes, if by expiration of the lease period the ″age″ of automobile won't exceed 7 years.

Where can I buy automobile?
From any automobile dealer in Ukraine.

Is the choice of supplier limited by the partners of leasing company only?
Lessee may individually select the supplier and the subject of leasing or go to partners or suppliers of leasing company.





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